Speed and direction are of equal importance. They are complementary forces, each doing what the other cannot. Each is equally dangerous, and equally potent. Some people move too quickly in the wrong direction and come to find themselves utterly lost. Other people dream of what they want, but are paralyzed, motionless. Others still know neither what they want nor how to get there.

In the fall of 2014 I reluctantly but necessarily began letting go of the familiarity of my home in Ontario; of my sense of place; of relationships;  of a very formative, but now completed adolescent chapter. Orienting myself in the direction of new professional and personal opportunities, and slowly easing my weight onto the gas pedal, I found myself moving westward from Toronto, Canada, in late 2014. I spent the following year romping around the Pacific Northwest in a 1986 Dodge Ram camper van while working for a Vancouver-based indigenous services firm. However, I felt the need for an outlet that my day job was not able to provide.  I needed a place of creative reflection to ensure that the lessons on these new pages weren't writing themselves faster than I could keep up with. 

Tread Slowly is a multimedia project that serves as a sandbox, a sketchpad, a journal, and just for plain fun as the days continue to unfold. I have now made my way to Lima Peru, where the importance of balancing direction and speed is more important than ever. I am still young, very naive and I don't yet know exactly what I want. But with every new relationship formed, every new story heard, every new perspective gained, I increasingly know where I am going. And I know that I'll get there if I tread slowly.